Services Provided by InterCount

Accounting services

Although the focus is on compiling financial statements,  we do provide the full package of day-to-day bookkeeping including the filing of VAT returns and prepare your preliminary reports or reporting package on basis of the processed information.

Annuity Ltd

For special situations, such as the annuity Ltd, we offer package solutions. We facilitate the entire process of your resignation to the setup of your annuity BV and the work to be performed annually on this annuity BV. Usually, it’s only worth starting an annuity BV if the severance payment is minimum EUR 80,000. What is an annuity BV? In short, the severance payment is paid in the form of an annuity. The amount must be transferred directly to the account of the annuity  BV, and the BV will make periodic payments to yourself. However, this process should not be underestimated and therefore we are here to assist you with legal and tax advice. In order to secure the periodic annuity payments it will be necessary to discuss matters with both the ex-employer and the tax inspector.

Are you currently in a redundancy situation or do you already have an annuity  BV that is not really run to your satisfaction? Please do contact us.

Tax services

Our tax services range from domestic tax, international tax, sales tax to transfer pricing. When preparing your corporation’s or personal income tax return we use all legal tax savings opportunities to minimize your tax burden.

Maximize your international opportunities

As the Netherlands has an open economy with a small domestic market and a large foreign market, it’s important to limit obstacles in our international trade and to avoid double taxation of income. This explains why The Netherlands has concluded tax treaties with a large number of countries so that direct taxes (e.g. income tax and dividend tax) are not levied twice. In such a tax treaty it is agreed which country may tax which income components (the right of taxation). One country will then levy tax and the other will grant a tax reduction or exemption. So, if the risk of paying double tax was the reason not to expand your boundaries, after having read this there shouldn’t be any reason to put off any longer. For other tax advantages, please read below item ‘did you know’.

Sales tax

Sales taxes affect your business results and both domestic and EU as international rules are quite complicated. Netherlands sales tax [VAT] has three rates: zero tax rate, low rate and high rate. In general medical care is in the zero tax category, food in the low rate category and everything else that’s not in the zero or low category is charged at the high rate. The low rate is 9% (used to be 6%) and the high rate is 21% (till 1 October 2012 it was 19%).

Did you know

That dividends are transferred tax free to the parent company and royalties and interests are not charged at all? That companies with research and development as their core business are taxed with a so-called innovation tax rate of only 5% [applicable rate as from 2012] ? This offers interesting possibilities for  international companies looking for ways to further minimize their tax burden. It could be worth considering moving R&D to a permanent establishment in the Netherlands. Whenever you are ready, please do contact us.


To provide foreign companies and investors with assurance on how national and international tax rules will apply to them in the Netherlands and thus avoid differences of interpretation later on,  Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) and Advance Tax Rulings (ATRs) can be made with the Tax and Customs Administration.

Support and interim solutions

You would like to process your bookkeeping yourself, but you lack basic bookkeeping knowledge? No worries, we offer personal assistance. And in case of temporary help, specific projects, or support with year- end work, we are your interim solutions partner.