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Unlike many other providers payroll is not our byproduct, but our main activity.

InterPayroll offers small and large companies a complete professional and cost saving solution to manage and administrate their payroll. We can take over total responsibility of the administration of your payroll, including dealing with the tax authorities, legal issues and staff queries. Save yourself the headache and let InterPayroll handle all your payroll procedures!

Outsourcing the payroll delivers significant cost savings. Why spend uncontrolled costs on in-house staff, pay for their education and training, invest in systems and software, while you can have a strong team behind you that delivers fast straight-forward payroll support at fixed prices? That’s why not only do we help to reduce your payroll costs we also offer dedicated support when it comes to employment contracts, employment benefits, pensions, redundancy and other workforce issues.

No hidden charges throughout the year

  • Payroll services

With our web based application InterPayroll Salary Online, we offer a complete online payroll package with 24/7 access. The period processing, consisting of gross/net or net/gross salary calculations and the filing of wage tax returns and pension premiums is done automatically. Once the production is finished, you will receive an email notice informing you that the electronic pay slips and other reports are ready for online viewing. Your staff will be notified by email as well and they can view their electronic pay slip where and whenever they want by simply log in with their own personal username and password. So no need for you to print them off, which is time and cost reducing and the output is stored for seven years, which is the legal storage time.

  • Our standard package includes:

  • payslip [gross-net calculation]
  • filing of the electronic wage tax return
  • pension fund filing
  • pay list
  • salary journal
  • annual income overview
  • a large number of various reports

  • Registration options:

  • Employee Self Service [ESS]
  • Holiday requests and registration
  • Registration sick leave
  • Registration of company items supplied
  • Uploading documents

  • Human resources solutions

  • Employment contract
  • Employee benefits
  • Pensions
  • Redundancy

  • Interim Solutions

  • Providing temporary or permanent payroll accountants
  • Support with year-end close, analyzing g/l balances, etc.

  • Dutch payroll concept [payrolling]

Definition of payrolling in the Dutch Civil Code

The Dutch Labor Market Balance Act (hereafter: Wab) will enter into force on 1 January 2020. Among other things, this law includes provisions on payrolling in the Dutch Civil Code.

According to the definition, payrolling is a special form of a temporary employment contract with the following differences:

  • In the temporary employment contract, the employment agency looks for a suitable employee on the labor market for the client (hirer). With payrolling, the payroll company has no involvement in the search. The client (hirer) or a third party takes care of a suitable employee.
  • The employment agency can also have a temporary worker work for other employers. With payrolling, permission from the client (hirer) is required for this.
  • The Wab arranges that the same employment conditions apply to a new or existing payroll employee as to an employee who works in an equal or equivalent position with the client (hirer).
  • As from 1 January 2020, the less strict employment law regime of the temporary employment contract – such as the temporary employment clause – no longer applies to a payroll agreement. It is therefore important that it is determined per employee whether it is a payroll employee or a temporary worker.
  • With regard to the Registration Codes, the nature of the employment relationship code 82 applies to the payroll employee and code 11 applies to the temporary worker.

Source: Tax Office Newsletter on Tax Wages 2020 – Issue 2, January 10, 2020

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