Our core business, philosophy and method of working

InterCount and InterPayroll, founded in Amsterdam in 1996, is a company with two different disciplines. InterCount’s core business is to provide accounting and tax services and InterPayroll focuses on everything in the area of personnel [salary calculations, labor law, pensions]. In our philosophy fits a small and flexible office, but large with respect to quality and expertise of the work to be performed.

Just like many of our clients we are entrepreneurs too, and can empathize with the challenges and ups and downs that goes with running a business. This is reflected in our personal involvement, without compromising our integrity and professional ethics, concepts that are inextricably part of the way we do business.

In order to fully focus on your core business, it’s important that your bookkeeping, financial statements and taxes are properly outsourced.  Clear communication and clear agreements are therefore important. In our first meeting we will discuss the scope of work to be performed for you and our terms and conditions. As we are an organization with short lines, you always know who your direct contact is. No internal transfer of phone calls or looking for someone who might be available to you. This is another advantage over large, cumbersome, bonus-oriented organizations.

Legislation is regularly changed and the execution is not always straightforward. In order to guarantee our level of work, we have joined forces with other highly qualified professionals and can provide customized solutions whenever needed.

Our fees are transparent and can be found under the tab Service fees.

Our clients

Our clients are local and global based companies, small and medium enterprises, business services, self-employed professionals and [high net worth] individuals. In addition, we serve some international (listed) companies.

Client sectors 

Small and medium enterprises [SMEs]

SMEs – the engine of the Dutch economy – are not only very different but also an interesting industry that’s constantly facing new challenges and developments that can go fast. We appreciate to be involved as your sparring partner and to support you with advice. Within SMEs, we include clients in the retail, entertainment, IT and facility services.


International trade is increasing by the day and is not limited between EU countries. The Netherlands has an attractive investment climate for foreign companies that wish to establish themselves in Europe. On the other hand, Dutch companies too are looking for opportunities outside the EU. Our clients have learned that doing business across borders has more to it than a different language and trade culture; each country has its own tax laws which you have to deal with. In our taxation section we provide you with more information on international tax law and rules.

Business services and self-employed workers

The business services sector and self- employed workers, so-called ZZPs, has a great diversity. Traditionally we have many clients in the legal profession and ICT.


Our tax services are provided to both small earners and those with high incomes, and are not limited to your income tax return or inheritance tax, but we also have a network of pension specialists to give you the best of advice in this area.