Service fees

We work at fixed hourly rates, ‘annual package’ and standard fees for tax returns. The hourly rates vary by type of work. For administrative work a fee of € 58 to € 75 applies, for controller’s and accountancy work € 90 to € 150 and for fiscal work.

€ 95 to € 200 depending on the severity of the fiscal issue. Thus, in the process of filing your tax return additional work of unexpected issues will reasonably be charged. Annual package fees are based on the modules chosen.

The first intake meeting of generally one hour is always free of charge.

Overview standard rates for the following services

  • Individual income tax return
    € 150 incl. vat

  • Individual income tax return [special rate for people on welfare]
    € 79 incl. vat

  • Mark-up income tax return for partners
    € 35 incl. vat

  • Tax return for inheritance and gifts
    € 345 incl. vat

  • Individual profit/income tax return [one-man business]
    € 250 excl. vat

  • Corporate income tax return
    € 570 excl. vat

  • Dividend tax return
    € 190 excl. vat

All tax returns are filed through our secured electronic connection with the tax authorities.

No cure no pay

For tax issues that are of such complexity that successful result cannot be guaranteed, working on no cure no pay basis is negotiable.

Our terms and conditions apply to all our services and are available free of charge by e-mail or regular mail. All rates mentioned are exclusive of vat unless stated otherwise.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.